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    • Orphans, Maybe Not So Lonely

      AHIP takes a look at the use and pricing of drugs with orphan indications for non-orphan indications. What does this mean for payers as they evaluate how they budget for and reimburse these treatments as well as how they will work with manufacturers on contract negotiations?
      Jennifer Snow by Jennifer Snow
    • Time for Care

      Community pharmacies are uniquely positioned to improve access to care and influence positive patient health. But while caring for patients may be a top priority for pharmacies, finding time for those important patient interactions isn't always easy. At ThoughtSpot 2016, the annual independent pharmacy tradeshow by Good Neighbor Pharmacy, three major themes emerged to help pharmacies find "Time for Care."
      by AmerisourceBergen
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    • U.S. Continues to Lag Behind Europe With Biosimilars

      With only two Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved products, the U.S. biosimilars market lags roughly a decade behind its neighbors in Europe. Dave Picard, Vice President, Biosimilars & Injectables for AmerisourceBergen, answers questions about the biosimliar market and how and when the U.S. market will catch up.
      Dave Picard by Dave Picard
    • Upping the Game

      As healthcare reimbursements move from fee-for-service (FFS) to value-based payments, the pressure has never been greater to demonstrate the quality of patient care. In response, drug manufacturers, health systems and payers are simultaneously seeking new ways to improve value and patient outcomes, while protecting reimbursements.
      Kristin Chambers by Kristin Chambers
    • Oncology Trends Impacting the Patient Experience, Trend 5

      Having the right data is more important than ever, but turning data into actionable insights is challenging. In the final chapter of our five-chapter ebook series “Oncology Trends Impacting the Patient Experience,” learn how manufacturers can unlock the insights they need to make decisions that drive product success and a quality patient experience.
      by AmerisourceBergen
    • How Medication Synchronization Makes a Difference

      Medication synchronization, the process of coordinating all of a patient’s chronic medications to be filled at the same time each month, is the most valuable program for patients and staff I’ve ever implemented in my flagship store, Moundsville Pharmacy in Moundsville, West Virginia.
      Jason Turner by Jason Turner