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April Onufrak

April Onufrak

Specialist, Digital and Web Media, Good Neighbor Pharmacy, AmerisourceBergen Drug Corporation

April Onufrak is the Digital and Web Media Specialist for Good Neighbor Pharmacy. With a background in academic journal publishing and digital marketing, April is uniquely trained in transitioning traditional media content into digital strategies. She has a proven track record of optimizing digital content and reporting key performance indicators that reflect metrics of success. She has been dedicated to the ever-evolving trends of web media and marketing for over 12 years.

Now in the independent pharmacy industry, April has a hyper focus on providing patients with high-quality, added value content across all digital personas of Good Neighbor Pharmacy, including the mobile app, website, social media platforms, blogs and online business listings. While content strategy is a priority, April also has a passion for digital analytic dashboards and metrics to monitor and elevate user experiences.