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Barry Fortner

Barry Fortner

President Oncology Supply

Barry Fortner, PhD, serves as President of Oncology Supply, one of the nation's largest distributors of chemotherapy drugs and supplies. Catering to the private community oncology practices, Oncology Supply is patient-focused and earnestly supports the availability of local, personalized treatment for cancer patients across the country.

Previously Dr. Fortner served as President of ION Solutions, a leading provider of oncology practice solutions, data analytics, and payer services. Before his promotion to President of ION Solutions, he served as ION Solutions' Senior Vice President, Payer Strategy and Sales. In this role, he was responsible for leading all of the organization's efforts in the payer arena, including the development and launch of an integrated, actionable payer strategy and the procurement of valuable member resources.

Dr. Fortner is also committed to raising awareness, on a national level, of the issues community oncology is currently facing. Prior to his current position, Dr. Fortner served as Senior Vice President of Scientific Affairs and Product Development for P4 Healthcare, where he oversaw their primary and secondary research programs, developed their initial pharmaceutical database and data products, and designed and executed the seminal pay for performance third party payer compliance and economic analyses.

Dr. Fortner has over 200 scientific publications and conference presentations ranging from early work in cognitive psychology, death and dying, and psychotherapy research to more recent work with health and patient reported outcomes, psychometrics, pharmacologic and health economics, quality improvement, and oncology therapeutics and supportive care. His scientific work also includes published statistical innovations regarding treatment induced deterioration, practice efficiency, opportunity costs, and clinical pathway compliance.